the microorganisms based biosolutions provide enhanced capabilities to manage organic waste, pollutants and effluents waste water treatment plants, effluent treatment plants and sewage treatment plants. from household organic waste composting, to sludge waste treatment, to products that help aquatic cultures for fish, shrimp and prawn farming, our product range fights againt environmental damages and help business reach sustainability

Wastewater & Environment

Our solutions for remediation of waste and surface water accelerate the breakdown of waste, minimize odor, treat wastewater and remediate surface water naturally without adversely impacting your bottom line.

Agriculture Inputs

Our solutions promote restorative agricultural practices and protect food safety. Our restorative natural microbiome breaks down toxic pollutants, effectively processes organic and inorganic compounds, reduces fertilizer requirements, increases the availability of nutritional elements, and vastly enhances crop quality and yield.

Aquaculture Inputs

With our aquabiome solutions, you can control your farm environment and improve feed efficiency and water quality with our beneficial microorganisms that support sustainable farming practices from hatchery to harvest.

Natural Cleaners

Environment-friendly alternatives that ingeniously apply nature-derived technology to address heavy-duty cleaning challenges in commercial spaces like hotels, restaurants, offices and malls.

Animal Probiotics

Numerous difficulties and challenges are faced in animal husbandry. Animal health and productivity, as well as food security and trade, can all be significantly impacted by animal illnesses.


Time Guard Release Technology (TGRT) in slow-release bio blocks represents an advanced approach to managing the release rate of active ingredients in wastewater treatment.
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