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  Your Trusted Manufacturing Partner for Advanced Bioremedial Solutions in Wastewater Treatment, Agriculture, Aquaculture, and Sanitation!

ISO 9001, ISO 4001 & GMP Certified
In-House Manufacturing & Research
27+ Years of Experience
Decade of Expertise in Diverse Government Projects
Exports to more than 5+ Countries

Our Products and Solutions

We provide a range of bioremedial products specific to your needs for industrial wastewater treatment, agriculture, aquaculture and commerical cleaning

Wastewater and Environmental

Maximum COD, BOD and Ammonical Nitrogen reduction
Controls sludge bulking and facilitates MLSS: MLVSS Regulation
Breaks down complex compounds into simple form
Hydraulic load optimisation and sustainability during shock loads
Excellent odour control

Agricultural Inputs

Improves quality of final produce & shelf life.
Improves soil structure and soil water retention capacity.
Builds up plant immunity against diseases
Helps fixation of atmospheric nitrogen
Faster decomposition of organic residues

Aquaculture Inputs

Prevents sludge buildup and ensures a Clean pond bottom
Offers immunity, supporting gut health and growth
Excellent Biofloc Formation
Enhances feed Conversion Ration (FCR)
Improves food-to-biomass ratio

Natural Cleaning Solutions

Prevents scaling inside pipes
Bioenzyme cleaners are safer to use, safe for environment and human health
Keeps mosquitoes and flies away with ease
Rapidly eliminates odors at the source with fast action
Saves 170,000 liters/yr per urinal with advanced tech

Animal Probiotics

Aids in boosting immune system strength
Optimizes feed efficiency
Stable and easily pelletized at high temperatures

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Wastewater Treatment in multinational API pharmaceutical company


API and bulk drug manufacturers generate a considerable amount of wastewater through their manufacturing, washing, and cleaning processes. One Indian multinational pharmaceutical company encountered significant challenges in managing the high organic load produced from their manufacturing processes, specifically at a factory located in Gujarat GIDC, where they manufacture multiple APIs.



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