Wastewater Microbiome Analysis


We firmly believe that a Microscopic analysis of any biological system should be a critical component of any ongoing daily, weekly, or monthly monitoring and control programs in any wastewater treatment plant.

Our comprehensive and simplified Wastewater Microbe Analysis report can help you correlate the health of the system, any changes in floc structures, higher life forms, oxygen penetration, filamentous identification, polysaccharides coating of the bacteria and suspended solids, achieved using a high-end microscope and through examination of the biomass.

WMA can help predict the direction the plant is headed, along with the current health status if used on a regular basis.

Floc Analysis

Floc Analysis is used to identify characteristics of the floc structures found in the biomass including – size, morphology, filament abundance, EPS secretion etc.

Filamentous Microbe Analysis

Filaments can be internal or external and they can be free of the floc structures or found intertwined in the floc

Higher Life Form Analysis


Based on the number and type of higher life forms found in wastewater sample, this analysis helps assess the health and age of the system

Protozoa Analysis


Metazoa Analysis




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