TGRT bio bloc

Time Guard Release Technology (TGRT) in slow-release bio blocks represents an advanced approach to managing the release rate of active ingredients in wastewater treatment.


T1B Bio Blocks typically contain a blend of bacteria, enzymes, and other agents. These microorganisms are selected for their ability to efficiently digest organic waste, FOG, nutrients, sludge and other pollutants.

Time Guard Release Mechanism

At the core is our proprietary technology called Time Guard Release Technology-TGRT. This is achieved through our specialized formulation of the bio block’s matrix. The matrix is designed to slowly dissolve or erode over time, ensuring a consistent and gradual release of the bacteria and enzymes.

Controlled Dissolution

The rate at which different T1B Bio block dissolves is meticulously calibrated. This is achieved through a combination of physical and chemical properties of the T1B Bio block’s material. For instance, the density, porosity, and binding agents in the block can be adjusted to control how quickly it erodes when exposed to wastewater and site conditions.

Sustained Efficacy

By controlling the release rate our TGRT – Time Guard Release Technology ensures that the microbial action is sustained over a longer period. This prolonged activity is crucial for continuous treatment, which is technically 24 x 7, thus reducing the frequency of daily addition, manpower and other needed maintenance.

Environmental Adaptation

The TGRT technology incorporates features that allow the T1B bio blocks to adapt to varying environmental conditions in the system, such as changes in pH, temperature, and flow rates. This ensures effective performance under different operational conditions.
Time Guard Release Technology represents a smart and environmentally friendly approach to various environmental challenges like FOG treatment, grease traps, lakes, flowing drains, septic tanks, bio digesters, and many more. TGRT based T1B Bio blocks offer an efficient, cost-effective, and low-maintenance solution to all the above challenges.

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T1B FOG bio bloc

Accelerate the breakdown of waste, minimize odor, treat wastewater and remediate surface water naturally without adversely impacting your bottom line.

T1B Flo tab

Protect food safety sustainably with our restorative natural microbiome that breaks down toxic pollutants to remediate contaminated soil, and improves crop quality and yield.
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