T1B Flo Tab

A slow-release microbial Flo tab is an innovative solution designed for use in free-flowing drains and polluted water bodies, such as nalas (streams or channels). These Flo tabs are composed of a dense matrix that houses beneficial microbes & enzymes using TGRT (Time Guard Release Technology).  When thrown or placed in drains or nalas, at specific locations the Flo Tab slowly releases these microbes into the flowing water. As the microbes are released, they begin to consume and decompose organic pollutants, reducing odor, improving water clarity, and overall water quality. This process is particularly useful in tackling the high levels of pollution often found in flowing urban waterways. One of the key benefits is ensured prolonged and continuous release of microbes over time, leading to sustained water treatment without the need for frequent reapplication. It’s a cost-effective, low-maintenance solution that can be particularly beneficial in areas where conventional water treatment facilities are not available or are overwhelmed. Moreover, these Flo tabs are eco-friendly making them ideal for sensitive ecological areas.


1. Urban Waterways
2. Canal
3. Streams
4. Nalas
5. agricultural runoff
6. Industrial Effluent Treatment
7. Stormwater drainage systems
8. Wildlife Habitats
9. Recreational Water Bodies


1. Breaks down organic pollutants.
2. Improved overall water quality.
3. Continuous treatment of water over time
4. Eco-Friendly Solution
5. Once deployed, they require minimal intervention.
6. Practical solution for large and inaccessible water bodies
7. Helps in reducing unpleasant odors
8. Enhances water clarity.
9. Cost-Effective
10. Enhances Biodiversity
11. Preventing excessive algae growth and oxygen depletion.
12. Can be tailored to suit the specific needs of different water bodies and pollution levels.

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