careers at team one biotech

“It says so in our name
we’re all about the Team”

No hierarchy

There’s only one circle at T1B, and everyone’s an insider. We’re transparent in all our dealings and stay focused on solving for our customers.

Empowered culture

You have ownership and agency over your work. We trust you to do amazing things. Learn. Grow. Soar.

Let’s disagree

If you have a POV that’s different from everyone else’s, we want to know. It is in embracing diverse opinions that we do our best work.

You’re a ONE

Here, you’ll never be just an employee – you’ll have the opportunity to unleash all your potential and grow your career at your own pace. It’s a journey we’ll take together.

Are you ready to reshape the world?


We’re building a company that sees people for who they are – Individuals. ONEs. Not capital, or resources or line items on a balance sheet. ONEs. We’re laying down the building blocks that allow each ONE to do their best work, values their contributions and allows them to find balance in their work and personal lives. We take our hiring process very seriously and intentionally seek out ONEs who share our value system.

we support a flat hierarchy empowered culture. we truly believe in spirit of a Team One

Are you a ONE?

If you’re passionate about doing your best work, working on projects that matter, and having fun along the way, we would love to meet you.

Team One Biotech always welcomes new talent and is seeking innovators, thinkers and doers and anyone who wish to give something for society. If you think you have it, email us your resume at