application of microbiotic technology helps in restoring soil fertility, soil water absorption and retenstion capacity, immunity against pathogens and pests, enabling stronger roots and densers branches and leaves thus healthier plants. employing microbial metabolism and activity can further eco system restoration efforts. bioremediation can be used to control euthrophication and reduce amount of nitrates and phosphates present in drinking water sources.

We believe the world’s biggest problems can be solved by its tiniest inhabitants.

The solution to pretty much every global threat we face today, including pollution, climate change, and crop infestation, can be found in the ground beneath our feet. Millions of microbes can live in just a teaspoon of soil, each with distinct capabilities and characteristics and adapted to a specific environmental niche. Microbes have proven potential to regenerate soil, kill pests and break down waste. It’s why we call them magnEfficient™️ Microbes.

The last century of rampant industrialisation and exploitation of natural resources has forever altered the delicate balance between planet, human, plant and animal life once maintained by microbial ecosystems. Once the lungs of every ecosystem, microbes have been sidelined by the overuse of chemical and synthetic agents.

At Team One Biotech, we’re combining research, innovation and speed to create path-breaking formulations that put these magnEfficient™️ Microbes back in their rightful place where they belong.

The result? Bespoke bio-based remediation solutions that save you time and money, and most importantly, are better for the environment. Our solutions optimise production while ensuring economic sustainability.

reliance on bio-based environment friendly products postively impacts the eco system restoration efforts. investing in biofloc systems, microbial inoculants, probiotics, aquatic feed supplements, animal feed supplements helps both business and ecology

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