Transforming wastewater treatment in paper manufacturing industries: Replacing Ammonium Phosphate and Phosphoric Acid with T1B MacMi

Introduction:   The Integrated Paper and Pulp Industry is a leading paper manufacturing company involved in pulping of raw materials and paper manufacturing. The company is currently located in Dahej, Gujarat. With a strong commitment to environmental sustainability, The Integrated paper and pulp industry operates an industrial wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) to treat the effluent... Continue reading

Bioremediation in a Lake- a Tourist Hotspot

Introduction: The lake is present in one of the popular cities of India and is itself a tourist hotspot. Hundreds of tourists visit the lake which is know for its scenic beauty and being one of the centres of attractions, the lake is surrounded by food parks, amusements, restaurants etc. However, during past few months... Continue reading

API CASE STUDY – Wastewater Treatment in multinational API pharmaceutical company

Introduction: API and bulk drug manufacturers generate a considerable amount of wastewater through their manufacturing, washing, and cleaning processes. One Indian multinational pharmaceutical company encountered significant challenges in managing the high organic load produced from their manufacturing processes, specifically at a factory located in Gujarat GIDC, where they manufacture multiple APIs. Details provided for Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP): Primary, Biological... Continue reading

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