Soil Biome

drip power for biotic and abiotic stress

Improve plant immunity vigor & growth by drip application. bacterial mixtures decomposes organic matter to plant nutrients
Soil Biome

In today’s world soil degradation and loss of fertility have become major issues for sustainable farming across the globe. Traditional farming methods like monoculture and over-reliance on chemical fertilizer and pesticides have led to soil degradation and pest resistance, reducing productivity. The increase in natural disasters, such as droughts and floods has further made sustainable agriculture a challenge. Deforestation and land use changes, can cause soil erosion and reduce its fertility. Limited access to water for irrigation or overuse of water for irrigation started have created problems. Due to the above factor, farmers have started overuse of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, which has damaged soil structure and reduced fertility.

To improve soil quality and maintain its productivity, it is important to adopt sustainable land use practices, such as crop rotation, conservation tillage, and the use of cover crops. Additionally, reducing or eliminating the use of harmful chemicals and promoting the use of organic matter and compost can also help to improve soil health.


1. Helps fixation of atmospheric nitrogen.
2. Improves seed germination and viability.
3. Converts organic matter to plant nutrients.
4. Builds up plant immunity against diseases.
5. Supports root and stem growth.
6. Enhances plant vigour and general growth.
7. Faster decomposition of organic residues.
8. Helps in the recycling of soil nutrients.
9. Optimises fertiliser Inputs.


Form: Free-flowing powder
Colour: Light Brown
Bacterial Count: Minimum 5 x 109 CFU/g
pH Stability: 4 to 9
Temperature Stability: 4°C to 58°C
Safety: Non-GMO, GRAS Status Bacteria
Shelf Life: 2 years from the date of manufacturing


1. Soil & root application


Can be used for all kinds of commercial crops, vegetables, grains, horticulture, shrubs, hydroponics, perennial crops, medicinal plants, trees, lawns, gardens, flowering plants, greenhouse.

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