bio cultures for sewage treatment plant

microbial solution that decomposes organic pollutants, organic wastes, reduces BOD & COD level in sewage sludge

The sewage treatment plant is a crucial piece of infrastructure that safeguards the environment, public health, and society at large. Numerous sewage treatment plants (STPs), no matter how big or small, are confronted with a number of difficulties, including hydraulic loading, decreased efficiency, clogged pipes, inadequate aeration, high levels of pollutants, insufficient sludge removal, high energy consumption, and the potential discharge of untreated wastewater into the environment. High levels of nutrients in treated sewage, such as phosphates and nitrates, can cause eutrophication and pollute our water sources.


1. Eliminates odour from source.
2. Effectively degrades household chemicals and     organic waste.
3. Helps in the reduction of excess organic sludge     inside the lagoons. Excellent sludge reduction.
4. Improved floc formation & settleability.
5. Maximum COD, BOD, Ammonia removal.
6. Degrades F.O.G.
7. Helps in controlling unwanted filament growth.
8. Helps control excess foaming and sludge bulking.


Form: Free-flowing powder
Colour:  Light Brown to Dark Brown
Bacterial Count:  Minimum 5 x 109 CFU/g
pH Stability: 4 to 9
Temperature Stability: 4°C to 58°C
Safety: Non-GMO, GRAS Status Bacteria
Shelf Life: 2 years from the date of manufacturing


1. (STP) Sewage Treatment plants
2. Anaerobic & aerobic lagoons
3. Municipal sewage treatment
4. Sewer lines
5. Pumping stations
6. Wet wells
7. Manholes
8. Municipal and local government
9. Containerized Plug & Play Sewage Treatment Plant      STP
10. Compact Sewage Treatment Plant
11. Modular Sewage Treatment Plant
12. The housing complex, Clubs, Hotels, Hospitals,       Industries

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