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Biofilm formation is a paramount component for the bioremediation of open drains, flowing water systems like rivers, water channels, or man-made conduits etc. The formation of biofilms for these water bodies ascertains a mechanism for the attachment and activity of microbes which support the breakdown of organic material and industrial pollutants to clean up the water.

Team One Biotech’s D-Flo is a powerful consortium of strains of bacteria that enhance the process of formation of good biofilm in open drains. The bio solution has been designed to promote a stable and protected environment for the microorganisms. The microbes consume the organic pollutants as nutrients for sustenance and also release enzymes that degrade the pollutants and contaminants present in water to simpler less harmful substances.

Several factors influence the formation of biofilms in open drainage systems. Environmental stresses such as changes in temperature, pH, or nutrient availability immensely impact the build-up of a protective matrix (biofilm) that shields the microbes. T1B D-Flo operates tenaciously in these adverse conditions as well.

T1B D-Flo | Microbial Cultures For Open Drains, Storm Drainage System – Suppresses Foul Odours , impact of Bio Film in running wastewater

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