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The biggest challenge with septic tank system is accumulation of human fecal sludge and the presence of fecal coliform bacteria and high amount of odour generation. These problems intreated can cause growth of bacterial mat, plumbing backups in leach fields, sewage odours and standing water issues.

T1B Septic is a microbiome culture, mixture of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria and enzymes that help break down the sewage waste collected in septic tanks. The aerobic and anaerobic bacteria compete with fecal coliform bacteria for nutrients thereby suppressing the growth of coliforms.

The enzymes and other microorganisms present in TOB Septic commence the breakdown of organic matter in septic waste swiftly.

The Team One Biotech’s T1B Septic is an infallible choice for a naturally made bio solution to lower the growth and risk of pathogenic contamination in septic systems, domestic sewage disposal systems, soak pits, biodigesters, drain leach fields etc and to eradicate generation of VOCs and odours.

T1B Septic | Bioculture – Microbial Formulation For Cleaning Septic Tanks, Biodigesters – Effective Against Faecal Coliform, odour control

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Anaerobio Bacteria & Treatment – Microbial Culture, Bio Culture & Product, Digestion, Wastewater, Microorganisms, Baffled Reactors (ABRs), Anaerobic Filter

Team One Biotech’s Anaerobio is a unique combination of anaerobic & facultative bacteria like methanogenic bacteria, acidogenic and acetogenic and hydrolytic bacteria that break down the organic waste sludge in the wastewater treatment process in absence of oxygen.

The microbiome mixture is highly efficacious in reducing organic pollutants and industrial waste materials into methane and reducing the generation of hydrogen sulphide gas thereby increasing the productivity of wastewater treatment plants and furnishing higher output of biogas.

Biomass carryover in an anaerobic digestion process is a widely common concern. It is extremely important that the biomass is healthy with matured flocs. This helps the bacteria to maintain a good sludge blanket inside the reactor. T1B Anaerobio moderates the sludge blanket formation at the bottom of the wastewater tank or clarifier. This allows the removal of small dirt particles, metals, and simpler compounds from the wastewater.

T1B Anaerobio supports all type of anaerobic digesters to control its biomass carryover

T1B Anaerobio | Consortium Of Microbes To Process Anaerobic Digestion, Hydrolysis – Can Be Used In Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket Reactor

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