PCT Bio Digester Product For Inoculum, Odour Control, Choke Up, Bacteria, Public Toilets, Public Sanitation

Bioremediation is a reliable and need-of-the-hour approach to managing public community septic wastage. The eventual waste build-up in septic tanks decreases their effectiveness and potentially leads to environmental contamination in case of leaks or overflows.

T1B PCT-Bio introduces specific bacteria capable of decomposing organic matter in the waste, toxic compounds like ammonia, hydrogen sulphide and nitrates into favourable nutrients and help restore the natural balance of the microbial population of the tanks.

T1B PCT-Bio functions even in lower oxygen levels, tolerates shock loads, and suppresses the growth and build-up of faecal coliform bacteria by competing for nutrients and space in waste. The bio cultures present in T1B PCT-Bio minimise or even completely eliminates the need for chemical treatment and prevent excessive use of water for septic cleaning and pump outs.

The advantage of using T1B PCT-Bio lies in its resiliency to overcome potential fluctuations in variables such as temperature, pH and oxygen availability and is a proven method to biodegrade human wastage and has a wide range of applications. T1B PCT-Bio can be used in biodigesters, public and community toilets, septic tanks, housing societies, apartment complexes, commercial places like malls etc.

T1B PCT-Bio | For Treatment Of Human Feacal Waste In Public Toilets & Septic Tanks – Reduces Odours & Feacal Coliform Bacteria

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