Bio Floc – Probiotics for Biofloc Tanks, Fish Farms, Healthier Aquatic Animal, Eco-Friendly Bacteria

A unique blend of various bacteria species with distinct characteristics and properties such as nitrogen fixation, ammonical nitrogen degradation, antimicrobial compound production, reduction of organic sludge waste to nutrients and promotion of biofloc formation is the primary constituent of Team One Biotech’s T1B Bio-floc.

The advanced and innovative solution has been specifically crafted to accelerate biofloc formation process and act as a probiotics supplement for aquaculture systems for fish, shrimp and prawn bio floc  farming.

The dense microbial community or biofloc provides a natural food source for the aquatic animal life forms being cultured. The formation of biofloc is subjected to the right balance of nutrient proportions, microbial species and environmental conditions. T1B Bio-floc addresses all these challenges by amplifying nutrient cycling, degrading harmful pollutants such as ammonia and hydrogen sulphide, and improving disease resistance to pathogens.

T1B Bio-floc boosts the survival rates, growth and production of cultured life forms, and also reduces the feed costs thereby improving the Feed Conversion Ratio.

Team One BioT1B biofloc | Fast growing microbial mix For Biofloc Formation In Fish Farming & Aquaponics Farming – Fixes Nitrogen & Reduces Ammonia In Water For Aquaculture

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Soil Biome – Bacteria For Soil Improvement, Application, Drip Irrigation, Health, Microbes & High Root Density

Each of the bacterial strains that constitute the composition of the TOB Soil Biome has unique characteristics and performs distinct roles in various ecosystems. Team One Biotech with its innovative and scientific research has combined the best of these microorganisms.

The bacteria strains – Nitrobacter and Nitrosomonas – are responsible for nitrogen cycling in soil and water. Nitrosomonas converts ammonia present in the soil to nitrite, which is then oxidized by Nitrobacter to nitrates. The T1B Soil Biome also facilitates atmospheric nitrogen fixation that enables plants to flourish and enhance their nutritional value and surge the farm produce output.

The unique microbial formulation in T1B Soil Biome helps the plant produce its natural antimicrobial compounds. These compounds are effective against various pathogens and pests and are thus natural alternatives to chemical pesticides. The bacteria are also responsible for making phosphorous soluble in the soil thus enriching the soil and making more of the nutrients available for plants to utilize.

T1B microbes can aid plants in disease resistance and contribute to the structure and fertility of the soil. Furthermore, our specific soil microorganisms can enhance soil quality by decomposing organic debris and liberating nutrients for plants to absorb. T1B Soil Biome uses the concept of competitive exclusion. It encourages the growth of good microbes in the soil while limiting the growth of undesirable microorganisms. This could enhance the sustainability of the agricultural system overall and enhance crop yields and soil health.

T1B Soil Biome | Drip Solution With Microorganisms Culture Mix To Improve Seed Germination Boost Immunity In Crops Promote Plant Growth

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Spray Biome – Microbial Bio Products For Agriculture, Biostimulants, Abiotic & Biotic Stress, Photosynthesis & Photosynthetic Activity

Photosynthetic bacteria and yeast species Saccharomyces spp are some of the microorganisms that constitute the formulation of T1B Spray Biome a foliar spray solution for sustainable agriculture.

Application of T1B Spray Biome ascertains higher shelf life of the produce, better pigmentation and improves the genetic potential of the produce naturally. Many bacteria present in T1B Spray Biome can also produce compounds that can help to increase the efficiency of photosynthesis, such as pigments and enzymes. These compounds can act as electron carriers, and help to increase the rate at which plants convert light energy into chemical energy.

The Spray Biome by TOB helps plants reduce their stress levels, improves the plant immune system against pests and pathogens, and improves the stamina and overall growth of plants.

The crop plants treated with T1B Spray Biome have a higher leaf index, deeper leaf structures and elevated harvest output.

Team One Biotech ServicT1B Spray Biome | Spray Solution With Bacterial Culture Mix To Improve leaf index and better photosynthesis – Minimize Biotic and Abiotic Stress In Crops

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MacMi – Water Soluble Pure Organic Gel & Natural Proteins Amino Acids

Team One Biotech’s T1B MacMi is a blend of natural extracts obtained from various plant species. The natural plant base utilized to make the solution is free from any chemical or non-organic treatment, are harvested from natural and sustainable sources.

T1B MacMi contains essential macro and micronutrients that are necessary for plant growth and development. Iron, Zinc, Manganese, and Copper, among others, are some of the nutrients that are often deficient in the soil. Application of T1B MacMi to the soil improves soil structure by breaking down organic pollutants and adding nutrients acquired from them directly to the soil, adding up to the water-retention capacity of the soil and enabling less dependency on additional fertilizers.

In addition to macro and micronutrient fulfilment of the soil, T1B MacMi stimulates the production of plant growth hormones that promote vitality, vigour and overall health of plants. A key advantage of T1B MacMi is its ability to improve the plant immune system which helps the plants counter stress induced by drought, pests, pathogens and diseases.

In comparison to synthetic fertilisers, pesticides and insecticides which harm soil health and the environment, T1B MacMi is a natural, environmentally friendly and economical bio solutions for sustainable agriculture practices.

T1B MacMi | Natural bio accelerator with macro & micro nutrients to Imporve Soil Fertility, Soil Moisture Content & Enrich Soil Nutrients

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Compost Aid For Solid Waste Management, Soil Microbes & Culture, Kitchen, Canteens, Hotels, Gardens Wastes

Be it any kind of composting – open air, hot composting, cold composting, large scale machine favoured or vermicomposting – the microbial culture present in T1B Compost Aid accelerates the process, decomposes organic wastes efficiently and also helps in achieving a higher quality final compost which can then be used as a natural soil amendment, soil supplement and manure.

T1B Compost Aid also combats odour control a problem associated with garbage and composting. By introducing beneficial microorganisms to the compost pit, Team One Biotech’s Compost Aid safeguards the compost against parasitic and pathogenic bacteria and microbes.

The T1B Compost Aid can work under multiple environmental conditions such as low and high temperatures, pH levels and is based on natural and 100% ecologically safe non-genetically modified organisms.  T1B Compost Aid is ideally formulated for household composting, society composting and garden compositing.

T1B Compost Aid | Powder Bacterial Mixture To Compost Domestic Organic Waste – High Quality Final Compost & Bio-compost Manure

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Pond & Lake Cleaner – Bio Product For Lake Cleaning, Control Nitrates & Phosphates, Sludge Putrefaction, Pond Water Clarity & Bacteria

To carry out the bioremediation of ponds and lakes Team One Biotech’s T1B Pond & Lake Cleaner is a handy and reliable solution.

The microbial culture in T1B Pond & Lake Cleaner dissolves the organic sludge waste and breaks it down into water, CO2 and other harmless compounds. The bio culture can reduce excess nutrients as well, clarifying and purifying the water, making it odourless and improving water quality. By improving water quality and impacting the bottom sludge T1B Pond & Lake Cleaner ensures that the lake or pond’s natural eco balance is brought back.

The excessive presence of ammonical nitrogen, complex phosphates and nitrites is a major cause of algal bloom leading to eutrophication. The T1B Pond & Lake Cleaner assist in  reducing these compounds and ensuring that the nutrient balance is maintained throughout the water column. T1B Pond & Lake Cleaner works both on water column and the bottom sludge to ensure 360 degree remediation process.

The Pond & Lake Cleaner by TOB can be put to use in freshwater bodies natural or artificial, lakes, channels, ponds, water reservoirs etc.

T1B Pond & Lake Cleaner | For Clean Ponds & Pond Sludge Control – Efficiently Reduces Algal Bloom & Eutrophication – Breaks Down Ammonia, Nitrates & Phosphates

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MSW Composting Microbes & Culture – Bioculture, Decomposting, Faster & No Odour Composting Cultures

The T1B MSW from Team One Biotech is a microbial consortium comprising microorganisms from bacteria and fungi species with the potential to degrade organic complex compounds in municipal solid waste and convert the solid waste into a compost fertilizer within the shortest time span, without generating excess odour.

T1B MSW subjects the waste to specific conditions that encourage microbial growth and activity. The main composition of the bioproduct is a combination of cellulolytic and ligninolytic microorganisms.

The Cellulolytic microorganisms break down cellulose, a complex carbohydrate found in the cell walls of plants. The organisms produce an enzyme called cellulase that breaks cellulose into smaller sugars that can be reused as an energy source for the microbes.

The Ligninolytic microorganisms are responsible for breaking down lignin, a complex polymer that provides rigidity to plant cell walls. A high concentration of lignin affects the degradation of plant biomass adversely. T1B MSW ensures a breakdown and complete utilization of plant material and other house hold organic solid waste which are  a major component of any municipal solid waste.

T1B MSW | Microbial Culture Solution For Municipal Solid Waste Degradation and biomining – Reduces Aliphatics, Proteins & Polysaccharides In Municipal Organic Wastes

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MacMi (For wastewater & enviro) For Bacteria Nutrients & Growth, MLSS Improvement & Booster, Healthy Biomass

For the microorganisms to optimally biodegrade the pollutants and effluents in the wastewater treatment process, both the macro and micronutrients are vitally required.

The macronutrients – Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P) and Potassium (K) – are required for sustenance, growth and reproduction of the microorganisms already present and added in wastewater during the bioremediation process.

The micronutrients – Iron (Fe), Manganese (Mn) and Zinc (Zn) – act as cofactors for enzymatic reactions related to the metabolism activity of microbes. They help maintain microbiome cellular integrity and are thus required in smaller quantities and are substantially important.

T1B MacMi is a prominent source of natural micro and macronutrients in addition to nutrients such as Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg), Sulphur (S) etc. The T1B MacMi for wastewater treatment is a gel-based extract obtained from natural plant source.

The T1B MacMi is free from any form of contaminants and has no environmental impact. Essentially T1B MacMi can also be used as a food supplement for the biomass present, thereby reducing the dependence on DAP and UREA products.

T1B MacMi |Natural bio accelerator with macro & micro nutrients for Aerobic & Anaerobic Environments – Alternative To Urea & DAP Fertilizers

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