Pond & Lake Cleaner – Bio Product For Lake Cleaning, Control Nitrates & Phosphates, Sludge Putrefaction, Pond Water Clarity & Bacteria

To carry out the bioremediation of ponds and lakes Team One Biotech’s T1B Pond & Lake Cleaner is a handy and reliable solution.

The microbial culture in T1B Pond & Lake Cleaner dissolves the organic sludge waste and breaks it down into water, CO2 and other harmless compounds. The bio culture can reduce excess nutrients as well, clarifying and purifying the water, making it odourless and improving water quality. By improving water quality and impacting the bottom sludge T1B Pond & Lake Cleaner ensures that the lake or pond’s natural eco balance is brought back.

The excessive presence of ammonical nitrogen, complex phosphates and nitrites is a major cause of algal bloom leading to eutrophication. The T1B Pond & Lake Cleaner assist in  reducing these compounds and ensuring that the nutrient balance is maintained throughout the water column. T1B Pond & Lake Cleaner works both on water column and the bottom sludge to ensure 360 degree remediation process.

The Pond & Lake Cleaner by TOB can be put to use in freshwater bodies natural or artificial, lakes, channels, ponds, water reservoirs etc.

T1B Pond & Lake Cleaner | For Clean Ponds & Pond Sludge Control – Efficiently Reduces Algal Bloom & Eutrophication – Breaks Down Ammonia, Nitrates & Phosphates

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