FOG(Fats, Oils, and Grease)- Remediation, Bio Degrdation, Buildup, Cemical, Biological, Bio Culture, Related Blockages Treatment

To prevent the solidification and accumulation of fats oils & grease in sewer pipelines and wastewater treatment plants, bio reduction is a viable, productive & cost-effective method in comparison to traditional methods such as the addition of chemicals to wastewater or landfill disposals.

The T1B FOG is a microbial formulation that helps reduce the FOG into simpler compounds such as carbon dioxide and water. The bacterial consortia in TOB FOG perform in any condition – anaerobic, aerobic and anoxic. Untreated fat oil & grease pollutants are also a cause of odours in wastewater treatment. T1B FOG is an excellent solution which controls odours by breaking down ammonia, hydrogen sulphide, proteins, starch, fats, and oils with its rapid action.

The microorganisms responsible for biodegradation are dependent on the temperature and pH conditions of the waste they are subjected to. The microbes in the T1B FOG mixture are resilient to a wide range of temperature fluctuations and pH levels.

Using Team One Biotech’s T1B FOG microbiome solution, the problem of FOG in wastewater management, the sewer drainage systems of commercial and household kitchens, restaurants etc. can be addressed quickly and efficiently without impacting the environment adversely and without the need for expensive infrastructure.

T1B F.O.G | Bacterial Culture For Break Down Of Fat, Oil & Grease – Effective Drain Pipe Cleaner, Works On Drain Pipe Blockage, Clogged Pipelines

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