Agriculture Inputs – Innovative Bio-Products for Sustainable Agriculture

There are several issues concerning sustainable agriculture today across the world. The rampant use and spread of chemically treated fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides and farming additives, dependence on monoculture, non-methodical irrigation & farming techniques with the added disadvantage of poor water quality have even rendered certain farmlands useless. Additionally man-made and natural calamities and climate change have worsened the situation.

Microbes have proven potential to remedy this situation. Microbial Communities present in soil play a critical role in restoring and maintaining soil health, balancing nutrient cycling in soil and promoting plant growth. The use of microbial-based soil supplements and soil amendments has been recognized as an essential and cost-effective method to restore and improve soil fertility, soil structure and overall soil health.

Microbial inoculants, seed germination facilitators, soil inoculants, foliar sprays, biochar, composts and plant growth hormone promoters are prominent examples of soil amendments.

Soil is a living ecosystem that contains many microorganisms that can benefit plants and the environment. Some of these microbes can be added to the soil to enhance its functions and properties. These friendly microbes can act as biostimulants, bio-accelerators, bio fertilisers, bio-augmenters, assets to control pathogens and pests. They can also create optimal conditions for bioreactors, which are devices that use biological processes to treat waste or produce energy. By using these friendly microbes, we can improve the soil’s vitality and fertility, its water-holding capacity, its nutrient content, its plant natural immunity against pests, insects and weeds, and its carbon capture capabilities. These improvements can lead to better crop yields, higher quality food, lower environmental impact, and more sustainable agriculture.

Team One Biotech’s microbial consortium leverages these properties of beneficial microbes supported with bio-enzymes. The benefits of our agriculture microbiome are countless and the microbiome solutions present a promising approach to regenerate soil, degrade contaminants, degrade pesticide residues and enrich the soil with nutrients.

Soil bioremediation is the need of the hour and by investing in Team One Biotech’s solutions you are opting for the best bioproducts available.

Trust Our Magnefficient Microbes For Your Soil Health Improvement Needs, maximum yeilds, quality produce, improved plant resistance and longer shelf life of your produce

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