MSW Composting Microbes & Culture – Bioculture, Decomposting, Faster & No Odour Composting Cultures

The T1B MSW from Team One Biotech is a microbial consortium comprising microorganisms from bacteria and fungi species with the potential to degrade organic complex compounds in municipal solid waste and convert the solid waste into a compost fertilizer within the shortest time span, without generating excess odour.

T1B MSW subjects the waste to specific conditions that encourage microbial growth and activity. The main composition of the bioproduct is a combination of cellulolytic and ligninolytic microorganisms.

The Cellulolytic microorganisms break down cellulose, a complex carbohydrate found in the cell walls of plants. The organisms produce an enzyme called cellulase that breaks cellulose into smaller sugars that can be reused as an energy source for the microbes.

The Ligninolytic microorganisms are responsible for breaking down lignin, a complex polymer that provides rigidity to plant cell walls. A high concentration of lignin affects the degradation of plant biomass adversely. T1B MSW ensures a breakdown and complete utilization of plant material and other house hold organic solid waste which are  a major component of any municipal solid waste.

T1B MSW | Microbial Culture Solution For Municipal Solid Waste Degradation and biomining – Reduces Aliphatics, Proteins & Polysaccharides In Municipal Organic Wastes

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