Feed Pro – Probiotic For Disease Resistance, Growth Promoter, Fish Gut, Shrimp Gut, Hatchery Water, White Gut

The T1B Feed Pro is a probiotic mixture of beneficial bacteria, yeasts, and other microorganisms that work in tandem to improve the digestion and absorption of nutrients, enhance immune function, and prevent the growth of harmful pathogens in the gut or digestive systems of aquatics like fish, shrimp and prawns.

The T1B Feed Pro formulations include the commonly used bacteria species in aquaculture such as Bacillus spp., Lactobacillus spp., and Saccharomyces spp. and many more These microorganisms benefit the host organism by improving their gut health, gut microbiome system, overall health and growth, and their output nutritional value. T1B Feed Pro is ideally mixed with the feed along with a natural organic binder to the aquaculture tanks or ponds.

T1B Feed Pro improves the digestion, absorption and assimilation of nutrients which helps in better growth rates and production efficiency. The aquatic animals develop enhanced immunity against disease-causing pathogens. T1B Feed Pro has a positive impact on the environment as it promotes nutrient utilisation and minimum waste output in aquaculture operations.

T1B Feed Pro can be used for all types of fish and shrimp aquaculture, be it tank-, pond- or lagoon-based environments. It can also be used for hydroponics and aquaponics and biofloc farming.

T1B Feed Pro | Probiotics Improves Resistance To Diseases In Aquatic Animals – Improves Nutrition & Digestion Potential – Excellent Feed Supplement For Fish & Shrimp Farming

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