our continous research of bacterias, algae, fungi and other simple life forms along with study of bio enzymatic processes and effects has resulted in development and formulation of most advanced microorganisms based cultures that help achieve a sustainable and economic method to combat ecological damage caused due to human activities and industrial pollution
When you invest in a Team One Biotech solution, you aren’t just buying a bioremediation product; you’re gaining access to the collective capabilities of our whole team. We’ll work towards solving your challenges as ONE TEAM.

With us,
you’re naturally in the right hands.


One size doesn’t fit all, definitely not in the bioremediation context. This is why our Client Advisors work with you to understand your specific challenge and offer the most effective solution from our range of terra, flora and aqua microbiome products to deliver optimal outcomes.

And our involvement does not end with the commercial transaction. We follow up with you to make sure our solution is working like it should, offering you guidance and know-how at every step so you can make the changes needed to get the most out of your investment.

Let’s talk about how we can work together to make a difference in our shared world.


Accelerate the breakdown of waste, minimize odor, treat wastewater and remediate surface water naturally without adversely impacting your bottom line.


Protect food safety sustainably with our restorative natural microbiome that breaks down toxic pollutants to remediate contaminated soil, and improves crop quality and yield.


Control your farm environment, and improve feed efficiency and water quality with our beneficial microorganisms that support sustainable farming practices from hatchery to harvest.

Natural Cleaners

Environment-friendly alternatives that ingeniously apply nature-derived technology to address heavy-duty cleaning challenges in commercial spaces like hotels, restaurants, offices and malls.
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