T1B Biopucks

T1B Biopucks, are an innovative solution in the field of bioremediation, particularly for lakes and ponds. Once deployed in a lake or pond, the microbes within the Biopucks begin to colonize and multiply. These microbes function by enzymatically breaking down organic compounds. As the Biopucks release microbes, these organisms penetrate into the sludge layer. The distribution is facilitated by natural water movements and the microbial ability to migrate through the sludge. This ensures that the biodegradation process occurs throughout the sludge layer and not just at the surface. The process includes, Aerobic decomposition: Involves the breakdown of organic matter using oxygen. This process is faster and less odor-producing & Anaerobic decomposition: Occurs in environments with limited oxygen availability, often found deeper in the sludge layer.  Use of TGRT enables a controlled, gradual release of the encapsulated microbes & enzymes over an extended period. This slow-release mechanism ensures that the microbial population remains consistent and effective for a longer duration, providing ongoing bioremediation without the need for frequent reapplication.


1. Natural and artificial ponds
2. Fish farms
3. Golf course water features
4. Municipal water bodies


1. Continuous Sludge Reduction
2. Sustained Microbial Activity
3. Environmentally Friendly
4. Improves Water Quality
5. Low Maintenance
6. Odor Control
7. Enhances Aquatic Ecosystem
8. Cost-Effective
9. Easy to Use
10. Versatile Applications