Spray Biome

spray power for biotic and abiotic stress

Reduce biotic stress & abiotic stress for agriculture plants Foliar spray application improves leaf count branch index & plant growth hormones
Spray Biome

Foliar sprays of pesticides and other chemicals used in agriculture can affect plants in both favourable and unfavourable ways.

Positive effects: Spraying efficiently manages and lowers insect populations, decreasing crop damage and raising yields. Additionally, spraying can aid in the prevention and management of plant disease outbreaks, which can have a large negative influence on agricultural yields.

Negative effects: If improperly managed, residues from spraying may be detrimental to human health. Overuse of some pesticides can result in insect resistance, lowering their efficacy and necessitating the use of more hazardous chemicals. Spraying can also affect non-target species, including helpful insects and pollinators that are crucial for supporting agricultural productivity and maintaining a healthy ecosystem. Some chemicals used in spraying can have negative impacts on soil health, reducing its fertility and productivity.


1. Improves photosynthetic activity.
2. Excellent stress buster for plants.
3. Significantly enhances the quality of the final      produce.
4. Helps in improving leaf index.
5. Builds up plant immunity against diseases.
6. Enhances plant vigour and general growth.


Form: Free-flowing powder
Colour: Light to Dark Brown
Bacterial Count: Minimum 5 x 109 CFU/g
pH Stability: 4 to 9
Temperature Stability: 4°C to 58°C
Safety: Non-GMO, GRAS Status Bacteria
Shelf Life: 2 years from the date of manufacturing


1. Foliar spray application


Can be used for all kinds of commercial crops, vegetables, grains, horticulture, shrubs, hydroponics, perennial crops, medicinal plants, trees, lawns, gardens, flowering plants, greenhouse.

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