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bio accelerator with macro & micro nutrients

Responsible for healthier top soil by assisting in carbon capture & atmospheric nitrogen fixation. Improves crop yield & high harvest value

Bio accelerator MacMi has a very favorable effect on agriculture. It has nutrients and other elements that can enhance the soil’s fertility, structure, and water-holding ability, resulting in healthier plants and greater harvests.

Numerous types of Bio accelerators create compounds that assist plant growth, such as hormones and amino acids, which can improve crop growth and output.

The use of Bio accelerator as a natural pesticide substitute is also possible. Large volumes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere could potentially be absorbed by Bio accelerator, reducing the consequences of climate change and boosting the carbon content of topsoil.


1. Increases yield & fruits per plant.
2. Increases in size and weight of final produce.
3. Improves the number of branches/number of      leaves.
4. Increases root length & plant height.
5. Reduces fruit & flower fall.
6. Improves quality of final produce & shelf life.
7. Greater resistance to stress and adverse      environmental conditions.
8. Improves soil structure and soil water retention      capacity.


Form: Gel
Colour: Dark Brown to Blackish
pH Stability: 4 to 9
Temperature Stability: 4°C to 58°C
Shelf Life: 2 years from the date of manufacturing


1. Soil application. Make a solution in water and      apply near the plant root


Can be used for all kinds of commercial crops, vegetables, grains, horticulture, shrubs, hydroponics, perennial crops, medicinal plants, trees, lawns, gardens, flowering plants, greenhouse.

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