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Concentrated eco-friendly spray for waterless urinals

Odor control spray for waterless urinals for public & personal hygiene
U spray

There are multiple odour issues related to urinals. When urinals are not flushed properly or cleaned on a regular basis urine can accumulate and release unpleasant smells. Due to clogged or blocked drains, urine backup is frequent, which creates odour. Basic etiquette on how to use a urinal is somehow completely missing, due to which there is an ample amount of urine spillage around the urinals, which further leads to odour. Insufficient airflow in the restroom can make odour linger. Due to inefficient cleaning harmful and unwanted bacteria and mould can grow and produce unpleasant odours.


1. Saves large quantities of freshwater.
2. Helps in cost optimization of plumbing & other      chemical consumption.
3. Helps conserve electricity used for pumping water      & treating wastewater.
4. Helps in odour control.


Form: Liquid
Colour: Very light yellow (also available in other colours)
Fragrance: Mild citrus (also available in other fragrances)
Formulation: Combination of bacteria + enzymes
Safety: Non-GMO, GRAS Status Bacteria
Shelf Life: 2 years from the date of manufacturing


1. Men’s Urinals
2. Public & Private Toilets
3. Schools, Colleges, Hostels

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