T1B™- Eco Clean

Concentrated eco-friendly surface cleaner

Dissolves oils, fats & stains on tiles, wood surfaces, glass surfaces. For effective & environment friendly commercial space cleaning
Eco Clean

Chemical-based cleaners are commonly used for cleaning and sanitizing a variety of surfaces. They can be a serious threat to the environment and health in the long term. Many of the available chemical-based contain toxic molecules that can harm humans, pets, and the environment.

Many studies have been carried out to showcase that usage of such products can cause respiratory problems, skin irritations, and other health issues. They are a major contributor to polluting our water, air, and soil, if not disposed of with the right treatment.

Prolonged usage can also cause the accumulation of toxic chemicals in the environment. Many chemical-based cleaners may leave residues on surfaces that can persist for long periods of time. Many of them are ineffective.

Contrarily, bio enzyme liquid cleaners are cleaning solutions created from organic, biodegradable components like enzymes and bacteria that dissolve and eliminate the organic matter. They serve as safe substitutes for conventional chemical cleaners.


1. Completely eco-friendly formulation, safe and      biodegradable. Cleans without polluting.
2. Breaks down fat grease and oil.
3. Residual enzymes prolong the cleaning action.
4. Will not strip or dull finished floors.
5. Bio-enzymatic cleaners are safer to use, safer for      the environment and safer for human health.
6. Increases traction.
7. Leaves room clean smelling.


Form: Liquid
Colour: Very light yellow (also available in other colours)
Fragrance: Mild citrus (also available in other fragrances)
Formulation: Combination of bacteria + enzymes
Safety: Non-GMO, GRAS Status Bacteria
Shelf Life: 2 years from the date of manufacturing


1. Floor cleaning
2. Office & Home Cleaning
3. Kitchen cleaning
4. Bathroom cleaning
5. Wood cleaning
6. Metal cleaning

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